My Favorite Bundt Pans

Hello Friends! If you’ve spent any time bopping around on this site (first of all, thank you for that), you know that I have a thing for pound/bundt cakes. So, today, I figured I’d quickly tackle what is easily one of the most asked questions in my inboxes:

What kind of bundt pan is that? And where did you get it?

Okay that’s two questions. But I have answers to both of them right in this blog post!

In this Post:

Spoiler Alert: They’re All NordicWare

I love the look of a precision bundt cake. The more crevices and angles a bundt pan has, the more I love it. There’s just something about a centerpiece bundt cake that makes every occasion more special to me.

NordicWare Bundt Pans
Photo Credit: Ashleigh Bing Photography

I’ve used a lot of bundt pans brands over the years, and I can confidently say that NordicWare bundt pans are my absolute favorite. I love the precision and beauty of NordicWare designs. I put them through their paces in my kitchen and they are so well made. They are works of art all by themselves, but they create cakes that are just as beautiful.

Technically, they are outstanding pans. They heat evenly and give the outside of my bundt cakes a beautiful crust. They’re dependable in a 325°F oven, and that’s important when you’re trusting the vessel that’s going to transform your hard-earned batter to the quintessential pound cake.

If you grease them properly (you can see my technique right here), and if you take care of them, they’ll be beautiful heirloom pieces for you to hand to the next generation.

Let’s talk about my current favorites, shall we?

*This post contains affiliate links to my favorite bundt pans. If you purchase one of these incredible pans from the links that I’ve provided, I get a small commission and I am eternally grateful for your support!*

The Elegant Party Pan

The NordicWare Elegant Party Bundt Pan creates beautifully shaped, rounded slices. It’s perfect for the host who wants to cut even slices at their event, and the uniform way that the final glaze drips over the cake sides is unparalleled.

I’ve used the Elegant Party Bundt Pan for many, many cakes. Most notably, my Snickerdoodle Pound Cake, my Carrot Cake Pound Cake, and my Butter Rum Pound Cake.

The way that the final glaze cascades down the inside and outside of the cake is just poetic to me. I truly enjoy this pan and look forward to making many, many cakes with it in the future.

The Cut Crystal Cast Bundt Pan

This one takes my breath away. The NordicWare Cut Crystal Cast Bundt Pan is a visually stunning piece of baking equipment, and it makes an absolutely remarkably stunning bundt cake. It gives me the equivalent of Met Gala couture in a cake.

Yes, it is work to prep this beautiful pan for baking. No, I would not recommend using a baking spray to try and get cakes to release from this pan. And yes, I recommend packing your patience as you prep this bundt pan, because if you do?

This is the result:

The detail that I get out of this pan takes my breath away every time. When I really want a mind-blowing centerpiece, this is the pan I reach for every time.

The Fleur de Lis Bundt Pan

The NordicWare Fleur de Lis Bundt Pan was my very first NordicWare Pan, and I have loved the pan and the brand ever since. This pan made me earn my stripes and truly nail down my greasing technique, but it was absolutely worth it.

There’s something that’s just classically beautiful about this pan. When I use it now, it takes me back to those first bundt cakes I made. I was wobbling around like a baby giraffe with those cakes, but my baking confidence grew every time I got a beautifully-detailed cake to release from this incredible bundt pan.

And oh, the cakes!

If you’re looking for a patterned bundt pan, and if the Cut Crystal Cast Bundt Pan is a little intimidating right now, start with the Fleur de Lis! I promise you won’t be disappointed. This little pan delivers beauty and elegance and the cake that comes out will delight your guests.

The Brilliance Bundt Pan

Sometimes, family, you want both precision and beauty. And that’s when I reach for the NordicWare Brilliance Bundt Pan. With its precision peaks, this pan delivers “peak” drama every time I use it. (Told you I’d never miss an opportunity for a pun. ????)

Between greasing the pan and glazing the cake, this pan takes a bit more work. To grease the pan, I really have to get into every deep crevice with a buttered pastry brush and oodles of flour. For the final glaze, I always use my trusty squeeze bottle to get the glaze just right.

But it’s worth it.

When I say that the cakes that come out of this pan are stunning? Turning out a cake from this pan is always a high moment in my kitchen. And when I do work for my cottage bakery, clients are always ecstatic to receive a bundt cake from this pan.

The Heritage Bundt Pan

Friend, the overhead pictures that this bundt pan creates are a sight to behold.

I’d like to introduce you to…The Heritage Bundt Pan by NordicWare. It’s a new addition to my bundt pan collection, and I just adore it!

One thing that I noticed immediately was the fact that this pan is substantially easier to grease than any other in my collection. Because the design is much simpler than other NordicWare pans. But friends, it is no less beautiful:

While this bundt pan is new to my collection this fall, I can already tell that it will be in heavy rotation. There is something so beautiful about its simplicity and cannot wait to showcase more of my pound cakes in it this year.

The Bavaria Bundt Pan

If the Heritage Bundt Pan can be celebrated for its simplicity, the Bavaria Bundt Pan must be celebrated for its incredible intricacy. Like the Brilliance, I reach for this pan when I’m feeling fancy and elegant. Because the detail is beyond incredible:

She is also new to my collection, so we’re just getting started (and I didn’t get a chance to photograph the cakes before we devoured them), but I will definitely update this post when I have proof of the Bavaria’s elegance!

I just adore my NordicWare bundt pans, and I hope that this post inspires you to try one of them! I’m continuing to collect them and will update this post with new finds as I fall in love.

Until next time, friend!

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    1. I have most of these pans – returned the crystal because I couldn’t use it as much – I also have the quartet, half size (2), anniversary (2), mini hearts and bundtlet (2) pans! They are all divine!

    2. I’m so pleased to read this article and know that I am not alone in my obsession with the beauty and amazing quality of Nordic Ware bundt tins!
      I think they are absolutely stunning and whenever I take something baked in one anywhere my head swells with the “oohs” and “aahs” which inevitably fill the room when my creation is revealed????
      I am also in love with their ‘bundtlette’ pans which are essentially six mini bundt cakes in one tray. They make fabulous individual bundt cakes which look sensational and a selection of different styles on a serving plate is just so impressive.
      Reading this article has rebooted my desire to add another Nordic Ware bundt tin to my collection. I’m thinking the Cut Crystal, or perhaps the Brilliance…????
      Meanwhile, I’m off to try out your Chai Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake recipe which sounds incredibly delicious. I’ll be using my Nordic Ware Rose bundt tin for this.
      May I just add how delighted I am to have stumbled upon your website this morning. The recipes I have found (so far) and the instructional information provided is just fantastic. Thank you so very much for it all! ????

    3. Hi Shani—I have to admit that I have nothing but trouble with my Nordic ware Elegant Party Bundt pan. No matter how carefully I prepare the pan (butter and flour, shortening and flour, Bakers pan spray, and “goop” made from equal parts of shortening, vegetable oil, and flour that is brushed onto the pan), invariably the cake sticks somewhere in the pan and I have NEVER had a clean release. I am a very experienced baker, so this bothers me a lot. Most recipes indicate to let the cake cool in the pan 10-15 minutes before inverting to a cooling rack. However, the cake seems a little warm to me. What am I doing wrong?

      • Hi Friend! I don’t think it’s that you’re doing anything wrong! I think, with a few small tweaks, you’ll have cakes positively jumping out of your pans. I have a strong preference for butter and flour/cocoa powder for most of my cakes. I really take my time and get the butter on every surface of the bundt pan, using a pastry brush to ensure that everything is fully coated. Then I use at least 2 tbsp of flour and again make sure that every surface of the bundt pan is fully covered. If I miss any spots, I go over them with my buttered pastry brush and more flour. I truly believe that you’re almost there…with more practice, you will be a pro!

    4. Sorry, please let me re-write my help request:

      A. Loaf pan: 1 honeycomb, 2 braided, or 3 heritage.

      B. Bundt pan: 4 vaulted cathedral, 5 Pumpkin patch, 6 Quartet ( l am unsure if these are 1/4 size cakes or full size, tin storage size might be a concern. Does anyone know?).

      You could tell me your choice by letter & number, (eg A1, B5) or comment on your knowledge experience of the pans.
      I have many Nordic pans, too many, but l love them. Although l have to cook gluten & dairy free which l think causes failure for many cakes to stick. Still working on that.

      Appreciate help, lm struggling to choose. Thankyou.

      • Hi Friend! I *know* that it’s such a huge decision about which Nordic Ware pans to purchase, but honestly, I love them all! So, when in doubt, I say go with the pan that strikes your fancy in the moment. The great thing about these pans is that they are so well-made that they will withstand the test of time, and you can always add to your collection later! Happy shopping!


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