Welcome to Begin with Butter, where you’ll find baking basics to help you become a better baker. Whether you’ve got a fear of bread or you want to improve your technique for that coconut meringue cake, you’re in the right place!

Hey Y’all!  I’m Shani!
Hey Y’all! I’m Shani!

I’m the Resident Butter Ambassador (aka the Owner) at Begin with Butter. I’m a wife, mother, custom bakery owner and a proof positive example that you can go from being a non-baker to a super proficient baker.

This site is my love letter to all of those who want to learn how to bake, but haven’t quite found a way to be successful. You’ve found your Baking 101 Course! Want to know more? Take a look here!

Featured Post: Sunday Sessions #4: Melt-In-Your Mouth Apple Pie!

This week, I decided to test my favorite apple pie crust with a different type of flour. Click here to find out what happened, and to see whether I was able to create the flaky pie crust of my baking dreams!

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Take a Peek at My Favorite Baking Science Books!

The road to good baking can be long, lonely, and uncertain. Click here to learn about the resources I used to go from being a non-baker to a proficient baker at the Culinary School of Hard Knocks!

Sunday Session #5: My Fave All-in-One Vanilla Cupcakes!

Sometimes, you just want a really good, really quick vanilla cupcake without spending your entire Sunday in front of a hot oven. Click here to find out how I made my son’s favorite cupcakes in less than an hour!

The Best Bowls for a Home Baker’s Kitchen

There is one universal truth in any baker’s kitchen: you can’t make much without a bowl. But with such a huge selection of bowls available, it can be hard to know where to start. Read on for a quick and handy guide to the bowls that I use in my kitchen.

The Five Flours I Keep Handy in My Kitchen

Flour creates the structure in your baked goods, but not all flour is created equal. Read on to find out why flour matters in your baking, and what types of flour I keep on hand at all times!

Blueberry muffins in hand.

Sunday Session #3: Spontaneous Blueberry Muffins

I am not a spontaneous person, Saints, but I was today! Click here out what happened when I woke up crazy early with blueberries on my mind!

Begin with Butter: picture of bowl and measuring cup with sugar in them.

Baking Basics: How to Measure Ingredients

Ready to up your baking game in one session? Go grab your favorite recipe and come back here to see one important tip to help you improve accuracy, consistency, and confidence!

Picture of oven with Vermont Creamery sticker on it.

Sunday Sessions #2: Mother’s Day Butter Battle

This Mother’s Day, I decided to compare four types of butter and simultaneously pay homage to my mother by making one of her favorite desserts…four times. The results were delicious and surprising. Click here for more!

Picture of Plugra and Kerrygold Butter.

The Basics of Butter

It’s an objective fact that butter makes everything taste better. Click here to see exactly how much the butter you choose impacts your baked goods!

Begin with Butter take on King Arthur Flour's Jam Blossoms.

Sunday Sessions #1: (With the Family!): King Arthur Flour’s Jam Blossoms

My children and I always look forward to family baking time. This weekend, I relinquished the reins of power and let my children do the heaving lifting to make some childhood-inspired cookies. Click here to see!

Baking powder and baking soda.

The Last Word on Leavening

Baking powder and baking soda are two potent powerhouses that have the ability to make or break your recipe. Click here to build your baking confidence with these two powerful ingredients, and to improve your overall baking skills!

Begin with Butter: mixer and mise.

The Key to Better Baking is in Your Preparation

Spending ten minutes prepping before you rev up that fancy mixer can save you five hours of stress and heartache on the back end.  Read on:

Cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.

The Most Important Tool in your Kitchen: Your Digital Food Scale

I love a beautiful mixer as much as the next baker, but that pretty KitchenAid is worthless without a strong supporting cast. Click here to learn more about the unsung hero of a baker’s kitchen: the humble digital scale.

Begin with Butter: Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Buttercream.

Three Tips for More Amazing Cakes!

Ready to make delicious, Insta-worthy cakes with your favorite recipes? Click here for three useful tips that I’ve used to take my own cakes to the next level!

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