Meet the Cakes from the Twelve Days of Pound Cake!

Hello, My Friend! I was beyond thrilled that you all loved each of the pound Cakes from the Twelve Days of Pound Cake (2022 Edition). Today, I wanted you to have one place where you could meet each of the cakes from the Twelve Days of Pound Cake, in case you’re trying to figure out which one to make first!

Let’s Get It!

Day 1: Coca-Cola Chocolate Pound Cake

This one is fudgy and rich and just perfect for those who love Coca-Cola and chocolate. My daughter declared it her favorite cake ever…before it was ever made. ????

Day 2: Pineapple Upside-Down Pound Cake

This one stunned me, Friend. It was beyond beautiful, it tasted exquisite, and it came out of its pan so easily. It was so worth the wait. It’s a classic, to be sure.

Day 3: Egg Nog Pound Cake

If Begin with Butter has ever come close to breaking Beyonce’s internet, it was with this cake. Apparently, Egg Nog and Pound Cake are a match made in heaven!

Spoiler alert: they are a match made in heaven. This cake is one of the most incredible cakes I’ve ever made!

Day 4: Sour Cream Pound Cake

Every year, I have a fair number of people who ask for a “plain” pound cake. This year, the “plain” pound cake is actually the pound cake that actually introduced me to this amazing treat: the wonderful Sour Cream Pound Cake. And it is AMAZING.

Day 5: Chocolate Chip Cookie Pound Cake

Once again, my chocoholic daughter loved the fussiness of this gorgeous cake. I mean, who wouldn’t love chocolate chips, chocolate ganache, and whipped cream?

But friends, this is one of the best cakes EVER.

Day 6: Cardamom Orange Pound Cake

Friends, this Cardamom Orange Pound Cake is just amazing. I knew that I wanted an orange spice cake for the holiday season in this lineup, and this orange cake, with this cardamom spice, is exactly what I wanted to put the BwB signature on this season.

Day 7: Candied Yam Pound Cake

Earlier this fall, I made a Sweet Potato Pound Cake. I am in love with that cake, but FRIENDS, this Candied Yam Pound Cake is the absolute bees’ knees! With a toasted meringue finish, this cake is an amazing showstopper! And did I mention that it is moist beyond belief? Like, it melts on your tongue?

Yes. Yes it does.

Day 8: Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake

There was a hotly-contest debate in my Instagram stories about which cake would be the Community Choice Cake this year. One thing was abundantly clear; y’all all love cinnamon rolls, and you believed wholeheartedly that cinnamon rolls should be represented in this year’s Twelve Days of Pound Cake lineup!

Day 9: Hummingbird Pound Cake (Without Nuts!)

Over the past year, I’ve fielded many questions about whether I have a Hummingbird Pound Cake to offer.

I can finally say YES! And since I have a nut-free kitchen, my version without nuts is incredible and avoids anaphylaxis for those with nut allergies! It’s a must-try!

Day 10: Peach Cobbler Pound Cake

Instant Favorite. INSTANT. This cake is one of the best things I’ve ever made. The cake itself is so luscious, and that streusel topping takes it to another level! Freeze-dried peaches are the key to making sure that you get a maximum punch of peachiness, long after peach season has ended!

Day 11: Cosmopolitan Pound Cake

Before I was a cake aficionado, I was a bartender. And I made more cosmos than I could ever count. Even having made many, many of these popular drink, I never tired of them. So, of course, I wanted to represent one of my favorite cocktails in a wonderful pound cake for this season!

Day 12: Red Wine Black Forest Pound Cake

This one is mine. Like, it’s going to take a feat of amazing grace to separate this cake from my greedy fingers this season. It is beyond delicious, and it’s such a stunner on a grown-up table.

Whoooooooo, Friends. This cake is IT.

I sincerely hope that you loved this year’s event! I am so proud of every one of these pound cakes, and I look forward to hearing your wonderful feedback!

Enjoy, Friends!


p.s. Want to perfect these pound cakes for your holiday tables? There is still time to sign up for Perfect Pound Cakes so that you can have ALL of my best pound cake tips and techniques!



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