I can help you bust baking barriers.

Baking can feel very scary.  I get it because I used to feel the same way!  I made mistake after mistake, felt completely incompetent, and wasted thousands and thousands of dollars in ingredients while I was trying to do the most basic techniques.  😩

Learning techniques and baking science doesn’t have to be this big scary thing, and that knowledge isn’t just for the “chosen few”.  You don’t have to be intimidated.  I’m here to make it all super fun!

Come on in and see what we have to offer at the Begin with Butter Home Baking Academy!

Creative Cakes: Confidently Create Your Own Cake Recipes ($97 USD)

This one is for the recipe rebels like me. You love baking, but long to be free from others' cake recipes. You can start your journey from baker to recipe developer right...now.

Friend, does this sound like you?

* You want to make your own creative recipes, but your attempts have been... inconsistent at best;
* You love baking, but you feel restricted by others' recipes;
*The science of baking intimidates you (but it doesn't have to!);
*You want to know which equipment you absolutely *must have* to start a recipe developer journey (hint: it's not nearly as much as you think!);
*You want to have the most stunning, Instagram-worthy desserts at every gathering (and everyone will know that that's *your* cake recipe!);
*You want to learn how to translate inspiration into delicious, unbelievable cake that gets devoured at those same gatherings; or
*You're a cottage baker who wants to expand their cake offerings without wasting a crazy amount of time and money on cake development;

If this sounds like you, then Creative Cakes is your course!

Perfecting Cake Techniques ($49 USD)

Want to build confidence and consistency in your cakes? You don't have to create your own recipes to create unbelievably delicious cakes!

Does this sound like you?

* You're brand new to baking and want a one-stop shop to learn how to make delicious cakes from Day One;
* You're tired of getting inconsistent results when you follow cake recipes;
*You've wasted countless amounts of money, trying to recreate your favorite cake recipes and you *still* don't feel confident making them;
*You're sick of guessing what it means to "cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy";

If this is your current situation, Perfecting Cake Techniques is "perfect" for you!

If you're looking for an intimidating, difficult-to-follow or boring course, then, Friend, this isn't for you.

Because these courses are accessible, fun, and educational at the same time!

See What Some of Our Students are Saying!

This is by far the best money ever spent, if you really want to amp up your baking game. I'm by far a more confident and capable baker after taking Shani's class...I can't recommend it enough.

Emily E.


Shani changed my life with her course. I am as confident during baking as I have always been during cooking...you gave me the foundation that I needed to become this free spirit home chef recipe developer that I love being.

Mila M.


With 50 years experience baking, I can now look at a recipe and understand why it works. She explains everything in an easy-to-understand manner...it's been like having all of your best friends in the kitchen with you.

Amy M.


Stop Struggling with Baking!

Baking consistency and confidence are a click away. Our students have made amazing improvements with their baking skills. Why not you?