Oatmeal Sandwich Bread

This delightful Oatmeal Sandwich Bread will make you never want to buy bread from a store ever again!

-  Whole milk -  Instant yeast -  Turbinado sugar -  Old-fashioned oats -  Bread flour -  Kosher salt -  Vital wheat gluten -  Eggs



Warm milk to 110°F-115°F.  Add instant yeast and turbinado sugar and stir to combine completely.

Step 1

Use a food processor or spice grinder to pulse the 160 grams of old-fashioned oats to desired consistency.

Step 2

Add yeast/milk mixture, salt, vital wheat gluten, two eggs, and 512 grams (about 4 cups) of the oatmeal/flour to a large mixing bowl (or the bowl of a stand mixer).

Step 3

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