Goat Cheese Skillet Focaccia

I’m so happy to be able to share this Goat Cheese Skillet Focaccia with you! It’s inspired by the Alexandra’s Kitchen focaccia and scaled to fit in my favorite cooking vessel: my cast-iron skillet.

For the Dough: –  Bread Flour –  Warm water –  Fleur De Sel –  Instant yeast –  Olive Oil To Top the Focaccia: –  Vermont Creamery Classic Goat Cheese –  Sun-dried Tomatoes



Add the bread flour, 1/2 tbsp fleur de sel, and instant yeast to a large bowl. Whisk to combine.

Step 1

Step 2

Add the warm water to the flour mixture.  Using a wooden spoon or Danish dough whisk, stir until completely combined.

Step 3

Cover loosely with plastic wrap or a clean tea towel and allow to rise for 1.5-2 hours, or until doubled in size.

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