Creative Cakes (And More!) IS LIVE!

Friends, it’s here! The second cohort for Creative Cakes (And More!) is live for registration!

We had such a fun launch party yesterday. I wore my party dress and everything. To celebrate, I’m finally making my Strawberry Pound Cake this weekend, which I have been jonesing for FOR TWO WEEKS. ????

Want to check out the replay from the launch party? It’s right here!

Want to join us for a second launch party on Wednesday, February 15th? BECAUSE SURPRISE! THERE’S A SECOND LAUNCH PARTY ON WEDNESDAY THE 15TH! ????

Join me on Wednesday to talk about:

  • How you can make a profitable baking business in 2023 (and why you need to get started now!)
  • How your life could be completely different a year from now;
  • The roadmap to TWO incredible transformations in this amazing cohort; and
  • A community of your very own, with people who are as nerdy as you about baking. (It’s the community you didn’t know you needed…but you do!)

Want an invite to the party? Click here to request the link!

Ready to register? Click here to go straight to the registration page! And surprise! The next five PayPal Peeps will get an ADDITIONAL $100 OFF of the course price with code GREMLIN at checkout! (If you watch the replay above, you’ll see why ????).

Why I Created Creative Cakes (And More!)

Friends, I spent a lot of years in a productive life that wasn’t meant for me. If you’re having that dreaded “is this it?” feeling, I promise you’re not alone.

Baking businesses are hard. The food-o-sphere is really crowded.


The students from our first cohort LOVED this program!

I want to see you succeed in your baking business in 2023. I want to see you be more confident, making your own recipes, and confidently setting up your business to run seamlessly (well, as seamlessly in possible, because it is still entrepreneurship ????) in 2023.

This baking business in your gut is not frivolous. There’s a whole customer base who needs you. Let’s get you off the ground confidently so that you can serve the people who are looking for you. ??

Take a look at the replay or join me on Wednesday! I can’t wait to see you there! Let’s change your life in 2023!


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